What are Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes?

1.What is Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes?

Professional eyelash wholesalers will not only provide customers with exquisite eyelash products but also produce satisfactory Mink Eyelash Strips. These lashes strips are usually comfortable and made of cotton. Only in this way can the wearer feel free and do not worry about their eyes.
wholesael Messy mink lashes
The mink lashes strips are something that comes in direct contact with the customer’s eyes. The Lashes Manufacturer who produces lashes has to make sure it’s harmless. Therefore, in general, if you are looking for a suitable Mink Lashes Supplier, you should first find out if the lashes they provide are safe for the wearers’ eyes. But that’s a good idea that you ask yourself “Do You Understand Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale?”. So, more details about the wholesale mink lashes strips are in the previous articles.

2. How to choose Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes?

Usually, the insider will know that professional eyelash suppliers can produce different types of eyelashes. Not only that, according to the different classification methods, the types of eyelash are also different. The classification criteria are as follows. Only by knowing more, you can find a more comfortable and secure lashes.

1. The lashes made of different materials.

Mink lashes

Mink Lashes are the best sellers, which are soft. They are strong and won’t break easily. Because of its unique advantages, 3D Mink Lashes has won the favour of a vast number of consumers. This material is also the most reassuring.
unparalleled cute pink lashes box

Chemical fibre lashes

Items made of synthetic fibres are becoming more and more common. Chemical fibre lashes are also common. Fibre lashes are always strong, but not as comfortable to the touch as mink hair.

Horse hair lashes

The hair on the ponytail also has many uses. Horsehair eyelash refers to the hair on the neck of a horse. Horses run into the wind, which is similar to the way human eyelashes grow. But the material’s lashes have a big drawback: rigidity.

Lashes made of human being hair

In addition to the above a few kinds, there are eyelashes made of human hair makes on the market. The quality of eyelashes varies depending on the type of hair people have. That is to say, we can’t guarantee that the eyelashes are completely satisfactory.
wholesale mink lashes packaging

2.different lengths of false eyelashes.

13mm—18mm / Natural Lashes  

The lashes with a length of 13mm–18mm belongs to the relatively short eyelash, also called natural eyelash.

20mm /Dramatic Lashes    

20MM lashes are the most popular. This length of the lash is suitable for a variety of relaxed and pleasant occasions. The lashes can make the wearer conspicuous and superior. That’s why it’s also called the dramatic eyelash.

25mm / Long Dramatic Lashes 

25MM Mink Eyelash is a relatively long eyelash. It can highlight a person’s personality very much and show the charm of women. Another name for it is long dramatic eyelashes.
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3.The way of adhering 

Glue eyelashes

The most common thing we used to do was apply false eyelashes to the eyelids with glue as a binding agent. With the development of technology, the most popular product on the market right now is glue eyeliner. This is an eyelash tool that combines eyeliner and glue. However, as people become more and more health-conscious, this kind of cohesive lashes will become obsolete.

Magnetic eyelash

Magnetic eyelashes refer to the fact that the lash band has several small magnets that help the lashes adhere to the eyelids. The magnetic eyelashes, while simple and convenient, have drawbacks. Because the magnet itself has a certain weight, the magnetic hair can not support the long eyelashes.
Wholesale mink lashes colorful lashes CD34

4.Suitable for different occasions of eyelashes.

Business Lashes:

The eyelashes applied in the workplace will mostly reflect the charm of businesswomen. Lashes worn for work will be very simple and natural.

Wedding lashes:

Brides often choose their wedding eyelashes according to their preferences, which will reflect the bride’s happy mood.

Party lashes:

If we are attending a party or a festival event, we can choose more personal lashes and colourful lashes are also a good choice.

Stage lashes:

In order to achieve a variety of stage effects, makeup artists will make different styles of different colours of eyelashes for the performers on the stage according to different themes.

Travel lashes:

Most travel lashes will be very comfortable and light, ensuring basic makeup and giving the wearer a clear line of sight without affecting the beautiful view.

⑥Dating eyelash:

Dating girls always want to impress people, so the right lashes should be carefully considered. Our dating lashes are extremely attractive.

⑦Birthday eyelash

Birthday comes only once a year to everyone, so the lashes you wear on this occasion should be unique. We will choose the corresponding birthday lashes for them according to the specific requirements of customers.

wholesale 3D lashes

Trust us, it will be a memorable birthday for you.

5.The technology of eyelash production affects people’s health.

①Some manufacturers use glue moulding, such a process to produce eyelashes with residual substances, which may cause damage to people’s eyes. First of all, the wearer will have red and swollen eyes. In severe cases, it can cause blindness. ②Our eyelash manufacturing process is the world’s leading. We use high-temperature moulding instead of glue moulding. If you know anything about chemistry, you will understand that physical processing is often healthier than chemical processing. ③At present, the epidemic, named COVID-19, the situation is not optimistic. After high-temperature treatment, the eyelashes produced by us are absolutely bacteria-free.

3.Where to find Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes?

In general, it is well known that good eyelash suppliers are based in China. They will produce high-quality lashes products. Because only in this way can attract more eyelash business bosses to purchase their eyelashes. If you want to find the most reliable eyelash vendor, there are several ways to help you.
wholesale eyelash glue eyeliner supplier
wholesale eyelash glue eyeliner supplier

1.Offline channels

Offline channels mainly refer to international exhibitions. There will be a lot of Eyelash Suppliers at the show, where you will see them selling their lashes products and services. But during the COVID-19, activities are so tightly controlled that many of them were cancelled.

2.Online channels

Therefore, it is important for Mink Eyelash Vendors to compete in the online marketplace.
  1. Out of health and safety concerns, 80% of customers choose Google to find an eyelash supplier. Google is a very good platform, through which we can find some quality eyelash suppliers from all over the world.
  • Google is the world’s largest search engine company. If you are a US customer, you can search for a very detailed list of eyelash suppliers in Google by searching for “Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers” in the US.
  • Facebook is also a very famous social media site. You can also get a lot of useful information by searching for keywords.
  • YouTube is the world’s largest video site. There are a large number of a professional video about wholesale eyelash suppliers.
Searching directly for “Eyelash Wholesale vendor” and you’ll see some popular videos that get a lot of hits. They will provide you with a lot of ideas about eyelash styles and packaging boxes.

4.Who make Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes?

Lydia Lashes is a trustworthy and comprehensive mink lashes vendor. As a professional Mink Lashes Vendor, its wholesale eyelash factory is located in china. Lydia Lashes is a high-quality eyelash vendor which focuses on making and producing Wholesale 25mm Mink Lashes USA. It has won the trust and support of thousands of 3D mink eyelashes and 25mm Mink eyelashes Entrepreneur with fast delivery, quality products, and considerate after-sales service.
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5.Can I get samples of Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes?

If you are interested in our eyelashes, you can choose your favourite three pairs of eyelashes first. We are willing to provide you with free eyelash samples for your inspection. In this way, you can have a better understanding of our eyelashes in advance, and we can also introduce our lashes to your friends as long as you are satisfied with our products. There is more information about eyelash samples, please add our WhatsApp to get it.

6. Which express delivery is the most convenient for you?

FedEx and DHL are our two preferred expresses. Their delivery speed is quite fast so that customers can receive their beloved lashes very quickly. Secondly, the express service of these two companies is very fast, which not only brings convenience to us but also promotes the cooperation between buyers and sellers. Last but not least, express delivery costs are reasonable. For more information, please feel free to pay attention to our official website, and there will be more discounts waiting for you.

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