Why to do mink strip lashes for customers?

Ⅰ. What are the Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale?

Mink Lashes Wholesale refer to the lashes present a state of strip and the lashes that you like with the relatively lower price. That is to say, if you choose Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale, you can start your own eyelashes business and gain high profits.

Most Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes Vendors are engaging in the eyelashes  business. In addition, making mink strip lashes is becoming a popular trend. And more and more women choose Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale as their essential thing for their eye makeup.

Further, you can become a big boss, and your lashes business will become larger and larger.

Ⅱ. Why to do mink strip eyelashes?

As you know, mink strip lashes are first made in China. That is to say, China is the first country to use eyelashes and the function of them is to give audience a good impression, in other words, for art. It was the Beijing Opera that is the place to show  eyelashes. 

However, with the development and advance of society, the eyelashes is not only for art, but also for women to show their charm and confidence.

Many women, no matter in workplace, office, parties, weddings and etc. will choose their favorite Mink Strip Lashes that fit them most.

Ⅲ. What are mink strip lash made of?

As I mentioned before, our Mink Strip Lashes are made of mink fur from Siberia. 

1.100% Mink Fur

We import mink fur from Siberia as raw material, because the fur of Siberia is the best and the most suitable material for making luxury eyelashes. So we carefully select to create the perfect noble mink eyelashes.

Our aim is to make customers wear noble, comfortable, safe and cheap Mink Strip Lash.

2.100% Manual Selection

Although we import the raw material–mink fur from Siberia, not all of the fur is used. We have some damaged fur due to some unexpected circumstances. Our folk artists will pick it out and throw it away. Because damaged raw materials will not make good works. After all, mutilated mink eyelashes will not win the love of customers.

As a qualified Wholesale Mink Strip Eyelashes Vendor, we will never sell defective goods to our customers. Instead, we use sincere service to provide our customers with the most satisfactory Mink Strip Lashes.

3.100% Quality Control

Our Mink Strip Wholesale Lashes go through strict quality control before they go to the market.

The first process is the raw material control I mentioned above. Once the mink fur are damaged, we will never use them to make finished products, so you will not buy the finished products made of our broken hair.

The second step is the inspection of the semi-finished products. More raw materials are thrown away during this process. Due to careless mistakes, the semi-finished product is damaged, we will not continue to make it into mink lashes, but will only discard it.

Our goal is to ensure the quality of our Mink Lashes

The third procedure is the examination of the finished products, and the purpose of this step is to examine the appearance and quality of our Strip Lashes.

4.100% Cruelty-Free

We’re using mink fur but that does not mean we kill the mink to take their fur. The way we take the mink fur is collecting them at the turn of season, in particular in Spring and Autumn. You know, the mink molt regularly. That is the right time for us to use their fur.

In China, it is illegal to kill animals and there are many policies to protect animal. Therefore, we won’t hurt any animal.

Trust us, our Mink Strip Lashis cruelty-free!

Ⅸ. Where to find the best Wholesale Strip Lashes Suppliers?

Many Eyelashes Wholesale Vendors are located in Qingdao, China. You can find a lot of Wholesale Lashes Suppliers there. Of course, you can find your favourite Mink Strip Lash from Lydia Lashes!

Lydia Lashes is a trustworthy, comprehensive and professional Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes Vendor and it is also a top Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes Factory in Qingdao, China. We are one of the best Wholesale MinkLashes Vendors USA. Lydia Lashes specializes in 20MM Mink Lashes (dramatic style), 25MM Mink Strip Lashes (long dramatic style) and natural style13-18MM Strip Lashes. Colored mink lashes, messy mink lashes, and 5D, 6D,7D mink lashes gain a lot of popularity.

What’s more, we also design and produce various excellent and beautiful Lashes Packaging Boxes that can protect mink lashes well. Eyelash scissors, applicators, glue, eyeliner and so on are also provided.

If you trust us, please contact us as soon as possible.

Ⅴ. How many kinds of Mink Strip Lashes?

Lydia Lashes supplya great number of Mink Strip Lash Wholesale. We are sure you can find your favorite style of Mink Strip Lashes.

As a matter of fact, according to different classification criteria, our Mink  Strip Lashes can be divided into many styles.

1.Length of Mink Strip Lashes

According to the length of mink eyelashes wholesale, lashes can be divided into three kinds. That is, 13-18mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes.  

①13-18mm MinkLashes Wholesale

These lashes look natural and real, and don’t make you too flamboyant, instead, the full embodiment of your noble, elegant temperament. Therefore, we call it natural style.

②20mm Wholesale Mink Lashes

This kind of lashes looks natural as well as attractive, but when worn, it makes the person feel more confident, sexy and elegant. They are neither flamboyant nor optional, but just right. So, we call it dramatic style.

③25mm Strip Lashes Wholesale

Not only will these lashes give you confidence, but they will also make you look very attractive and sexy. With these lashes, you will shine and be the center of attention. Therefore, we call it long dramatic style.

2.Material of Wholesale Strip Lashes

Mink Hair

Mink hair is the best material for Wholesale Mink Lashes, soft, comfortable and shinny.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is not as good as mink lashes, some may be contain chemicals.

Human Hair

Human hair is a little harder than mink lashes, not the best material.

Horse Hair

Horse hair contains some odors that need to be treated with chemicals.

So the last three materials are relatively hard, only mink fur is the best. We high recommend Mink Lashes!

3.Makeup Preference of Mink Strip Eyelashes Wholesale    

Natural Style

Dramatic Style

Long Dramatic Style

Young people usually choose dramatic and long dramatic style, while older people are likely to choose the natural style.

4.Color of Strip Eyelashes Wholesale    

There are two kinds of color– natural black and colorful.

①Natural Black Mink Lashes Wholesale

They are very close to human hair, and easy to integrate with it. 

②Colored Wholesale Mink Strip Eyelashes

They are suitable for the stage, parties, banquets and other enthusiastic occasions, showing your personality and passion fully.

5.Application Scenarios 

Workplace Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Natural lashes make your eyes more energetic and fully reflect the charm of women in the workplace.

Wedding Strip Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Wedding lashes are an essential part of eye makeup. Above all, wedding eyelashes reflect the happiness and sweetness of the bride.

Feasts and Festivals Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Festivals and banquets eyelashes are usually designed to create a lively atmosphere and stimulate your passion, so they can fully reflect your personality and leave good and precious memories on festivals and banquets.

Stage Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Colored eyelashes are often used to create a theatrical effect. The makeup artist will choose eyelashes in the same color as the stage theme to present a better stage effect and leave a deeper impression on the audience.

Travel Wholesale Eyelashes

They can maintain the basic makeup of the eyes without blocking the view. So you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery, and long-term wear will not make you fatigue. Light and comfortable natural style is the indispensable eyelashes in travel.

Dating Wholesale Strip Mink Eyelashes

 When you are on a date with your partner, wearing our mink lashes will make you more attractive and make your relationship even stronger.

6.Adhesive Material

Glue eyelashes.

Glue helps to bond eyelashes quickly and easily.

Magnetic eyelashes.

    Tiny magnetic patches will help eyelashes adhere to the eyes.

Ⅵ. Do you have the MOQ of Mink Strip Lashes?

1.No MOQ

We are very adamant that we do not have any MOQ! It means you don’t need to worry about the quantity.

2.Order Free

You can order 1 pair of our high-quality Mink Strip Lashes totry first. However, other Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes Vendors have the MOQ of 50. Lydia Lashes is different from them.

3.Free Sample

If you choose Lydia Lashes, you will enjoy our three pairs of Mink Strip Lashes samples for free! We are confident in our Mink Strip Lashes! You will love it!

Ⅶ.How long is the service life of Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes?

Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes from Lydia Lashes can be used for 25 plus times. But the premise is that you should handle gently and preserve them carefully. Above all, do not pull them violently when wearing them.

Ⅷ.What about the transport?

We are the best and most efficient Wholesale Strip Eyelash Supplier, delivering products within 24 hours.

We work with the world’s most efficient delivery companies because of their good service and their ability to deliver goods safely and quickly to customers. You can receive the goods without leaving your house.

Above all, we provide 7 days service that other vendors can not meet!

In short, if you choose us as your Wholesale Strip Lashes Vendor, we would not let you down!

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