Who is the most reliable Wholesale Mink Vendor? 

  Lydia Lashes always supply beautiful and amazing Wholesale Mink Lashes for you, and you will find everything you want and like, as well as professional knowledge here.

Ⅰ. Superior to other Mink Lashes Vendors


We are located in China where is the birthplace of eyelashes. That is to say, the world’s best mink lashes are made in China. We are one of the best Mink Lashes vendors.

2.Quality of  Mink Lashes

Mink Fur

The mink furs are from the end of the tails of the young minks which are long, sturdy, light and glossy.



The texture of mink furs are fluffy, soft and tough.


The wearing effect is clear and vivid. It is easy to integrate with people’s eyes.


It is illegal to catch and kill wild animals in China and there are special laws to protect animals from being injured, for example, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Wildlife. 


China pays attention to ecological civilization construction and environmental protection is growing in the consciousness of the Chinese people. And China is active in implementing the scientific outlook on development.

We take furs in the changeover period between spring and autumn by making use of combs, so the minks are safe. We will never gain benefits at the cost of injuring animals.

Ⅱ. How Many 3D Mink Lashes Vendors styles do you have? 

1. Length

①13-18mm (natural)


③25mm(long dramatic)

2. Texture

①mink furs

②chemical fiber

③human hair

④horse hair

⑤synthetic hair

3. Makeup preference



③long dramatic

Wholesale marble lashes packaging
Wholesale marble lashes packaging

4. Colors  

 ① Natural black

Natural black, which is consistent with the eyelashes color of human beings and is integrated with the human eyelashes.

②Colorful eyelashes

They are made by making use of various stains and can show individuality fully and integrate with people’s eyes.

5. Application scenes:


Natural styles are used more often, which reflects a kind of concise style and makes women more charming.

Ice cream lashes packaging
Ice cream lashes packaging


You can choose natural styles, which make you look natural and beautiful, or dramatic styles, which make you look passionate and unrestrained. In a word, these two styles reflect the happy and joyful mood of the bride.


Long styles are the first choice, but colorful eyelashes are also a good choice.


Makeup artists will choose the appropriate colors according to the themes of stages to create a professionally aesthetic effect.

Wholesale messy lashes X5L
Wholesale messy lashes X5L


Natural styles are the best choice and the followings are the reasons:

Firstly, natural styles are light and soft, so you can wear them comfortably.

Secondly, it can make your sightline clear to view the beautiful scenery and keep your makeup.

Thirdly, long-term wear will not increase your eyes fatigue and this point is very useful and important.

6.Connecting material:

① Glue: quick, simple, flexible,wear easily Wholesale Strip Mink Lashes

②Magnet: It means that connect eyelashes with skins by using a tiny magnetic block.

Shortcomings: increase the weight of eyelashes and cause the eyes fatigue

unique cute pink lashes box
unique cute pink lashes box

Use condition: It can be used for natural styles, not for long styles because the magnetic force is not enough and easy to fall off.

III. Howmanytimescanwholesale mink lashes can be used

Mink Lashes can be used more than 25 times. But, you should pay attention to use them carefully and clear them regularly and save them.

IV.How about the production techniques?

1.Our products are shaped by high temperature, a kind of physical method.

Advantages: sterilize, no potion residue 

Our products are natural, green and healthy, but other products often use chemicals to shape, which is not only quick and convenient but also shorten production cycle and save costs.

gold lashes cases
gold lashes cases

However, there are also a lot of disadvantages, for example, there will be potion residue and an unpleasant smell. Moreover, in serious cases, this can lead to eyes diseases and even lose of sights. 

  1. Our lashes are 100% purely handmade and created by skilled artists.

Our artisan artists can produce up to 12 pairs of eyelashes per day, as we pursue high quality and are committed to providing every consumer with comfortable and high-end eyelashes.

V.Why our design styles are unique

1. We have the world’s top design team and all the styles are designed by our own designers and possess abilities to independent research and development, design and production integration.

We have the most professional OEM and ODM lashes. 

2.Our lashes are designed according to the shapes of human face and eyes and accord with ergonomics and are very easy to wear.

3.Our inspirations come from the exceedingly strange flowers in the nature, so our lashes have the ever-changing structures and beautiful lines, which can fully show the charm of women in all shapes and forms.

wholesale messsy mink lashes X98L
wholesale messsy mink lashes X98L

Ⅵ. What are the features of Mink Lashes?


2.Soft and comfortable as cotton

3.Vivid effect


5.High-end and luxury

6.Unique designs

7.Easy to wear,increase personal beauty


VII. Which shipment do you prefer?

1. The main shipment ways


We will choose shipment ways according to your requirements.

2. Delivery time

2-4 days

It is faster than regular delivery time.

We can ship out the goods within 24 hours. We cooperate with the world’s most efficient express company,which is not only guarantee the security of goods, but also deliver goods to the hands of customers effectively and quickly. 

Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ134
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ134

VIII. Howto pay?

Three main payment ways:

1. Paypal

2. Western Union

3. TT(Telegraphic Transfer)

When you choose Paypal to pay, you should have a basic understanding of the followings procedures.

Paypal Email→billing(email him or copy link,customers receive it through WhatsAPP)→practical information(full name, detailed address)→deliver goods→receive goods

white drawer lashes packagings
white drawer lashes packagings

Ⅵ. How about the after-sale service?

After you purchases our products, we are responsible to you. For example:

1. In the process of production:

We will ensure the quality of products in the process of production.

TOP wholesale 3d mink lashes DJ111
wholesale 3d mink lashes DJ111

2. In the process of transportation:

→Please take photos and videos of the damaged products and then send to our workers.

→We will contact express company to claim for compensation if losses are enormous.Receiving products:

USD lashes drawer with handle boxes
USD lashes drawer with handle boxes

3. After receiving products:

If you received the wrong products which don’t accord with your purchase or you are not satisfied with the products, you can contact us.

Ⅹ. What is the service concept?

1. Use soul to create an influential eyelash brand

2. Customer first

3. Careful and responsible

4. Provide advice to customers timely when necessary

5. Try our best to help customers

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