Do you love Mink Eyelash Miami?

Do you love Mink Eyelash Miami?

If you’re into the full glam lash look, these round, robust lashes and Mink Eyelash Miami are soon to be your go-to.

Bold yet still fluttery, these game-changing lashes have a unique interlacing design with ‘V’ shaped clusters, creating a Dramatic Lash look while seamlessly blending with your Natural Lashes.

11MM mink lashes
11MM mink lashes

The result is full, Fluffy Lashes that you can rock up to 25 times.

Fake Natural Eyelashes:

The Miami lite lash is a lighter, more natural version of our best selling 3D Mink Style “Miami.” This lash gives a more subtle look, perfect for any glam and all-day wear!

Mink Lashes:

This light Mink Lash gives natural volume with a round shape and fluttery, full-body effect.

How-to-apply & reuse:

Comfortable, lightweight adhesive Strip Lashes. Customize your lashes to your eye shape.

To remove, securely grab the inner corner of the band to pull off the lash and put lashes back in the high-quality storage case.

Wear lashes up to 15 times. Do not wash. (Lilly Lash Adhesive sold separately)

long mink lashes wholesale
long mink lashes wholesale

Handmade with Care:

100% handmade False Eyelashes. Non-irritant.

Natural Looking Eyelashes:

Our Natural False Lashes focus on comfort while blending seamlessly, giving you a natural look.

lashes factories
lashes factories

How to recognize Mink Eyelash Miami?


Introducing you to our natural handmade 100% Mink Eyelashes. They can be washed after usage.

But please do this carefully due to our lashes being so delicate. They can be used up to 20 or more times once washed and placed back in the box.

PD wholesale lashes
PD wholesale lashes


CK Lashes only supply the exclusive versatile style of lashes that extend and flare outwards for that wide-eye effect we’re all looking for.

These lashes are designed with a long or short Natural Looking effect.

Where To Buy Mink Eyelash Miami?

If you want to start your Eyelash Business or just want to start a business but are not sure how to get started, you may want to find a Wholesale Eyelash Supplier to create your Eyelash Brand.

Mink lashes vendors DJ118
Mink lashes vendors DJ118

You should find Eyelash Suppliers who offer wholesale Eyelash services at competitive wholesale prices.

The simple way is that you can search questions via Google and you will find many wholesale eyelash suppliers.

What you should do is distinguish between 3D Mink eyelash manufacturers and choose which one is the best that you can trust.

Messy Mink Lashes X16CL
Messy Mink Lashes X16CL

So when you find a Wholesale Supplier of 3D Mink Eyelashes, you should ask which country is the factory in?

If the eyelash factory is in China and they are the Chinese Eyelash Supplier, the quality of eyelashes is much better than in other countries, the next thing you need to do is order Eyelash Samples.

How to make an eyelash sample order?

There are so many details when you make the first sample order, what should you do after receiving the sample order?

If you need help, you can add WhatsApp to get help.

We will help you make the best choice and help you make the right decision about mink eyelashes bulk orders and Custom Eyelashes Packaging Boxes.

Why should you choose a Chinese eyelash manufacturer?

Because China is the birthplace of eyelashes, technology is skilled, technology is well equipped.

unique marble lashes packagings
unique marble lashes packagings

The quality of eyelashes is also much better than in other countries.

In addition, you can buy a variety of eyelashes from Chinese eyelash manufacturers.

How many days you can receive all of the goods?

About Sample, you will receive it within 7 working days. 《Why are 28MM Long Mink Eyelashes attractive?

About Bulk Order, it depends on your order quantity. Usually, you will receive it in 15-20 working days.

white drawer lashes packagings
white drawer lashes packagings


Paypal, West Union, Bank Transfer Is Available. All of the Payment Is 100% Safe.

Shipping Service

We will ship all of the goods by UPS, TNT, DHL or FedEx.

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