Why are Magnetic Mink Eyelashes so popular?

Do you frequently lament the fact that your makeup bag isn’t large enough? It always flattens or crushes your Magnetic Mink Eyelashes.

That’s because you’ll need Good Eyelash storage to keep your lashes safe. Our eyelash storage box is space-saving, tiny, and adorable!

      Lydia Lashes has always been one of China’s leading Mink Lash providers for over 20 years. Quality Wholesale Mink Lashes, faux mink lashes, and Silk Lashes are always obtainable at factory costs. We welcome clients from all over the world!

Why are 20mm Mink Lashes so popular?

Mink Eyelashes are soft, fluffy, and beautiful eyelashes made of mink hair. Our 20mm Mink Lashes suppliers accounted for the highest proportion in the 6 months leading up to 2021, according to our statistics.

The 20MM Mink Lashes were always a best seller. The most popular are usually the ones that sell the most.

It won’t surprise you, of course, that the American 20MMMink Eyelashes are the most eye-catching.

In other words, this style of eyelash is very popular among women who love beauty in the United States.

If you also desire such a charming effect, why not consider our product?

SAT31 Wholesale Lashes Vendor
SAT31 Wholesale Lashes Vendor

How About Sample Policy?

We can provide the sample to you, but you have to pay the sample shipping fee. Anyway, we will return back to you the cost in your next order.

According to the regulations, we will provide three pairs of Free Eyelash Samples for each new customer.

You can decide whether to order our eyelashes again after you receive the sample.

SAT07 Lashes Wholesaler
SAT07 Lashes Wholesaler

How Long It Will Take To Delivery The Goods?

If we have the goods in stock, we will deliver them within7 working days after we get your payment. If we do not have them in stock, we will deliver them before the deadline which both parties agreed on.

SAT08 Best Lashes Wholesale
SAT08 Best Lashes Wholesale

What Kind Of Package do You Offer?

We pack the goods first with a gift box and then the export box to make sure the goods are in good condition for storage and shipment.

Why choose us as your Mink Eyelash Trays supplier?

Our factory directly supplies high-quality and inexpensive ciliary trays.

Our prices are so competitive that no agent or distributor can make a profit.

wholesale mink eyelashes
wholesale mink eyelashes

Professional high-precision production equipment and modern industry-leading technology, in order to truly produce high quality, high definition, durable, delicate, environmental protection eyelash packaging box.

From the material point of view:

By mashing up the collected raw materials, churning them into a powder, sterilizing and bleaching them, the 3D Mink Eyelash Trays are created in a similar fashion to paper production. As basic materials, we chose straw and corn stalks.

20mm mink 3d lashes
20mm mink 3d lashes

The greatest way to test a substance is to burn it and smell it, as we all know. When the Best Eyelash Trays are burned, they will smell like regular paper, with no smoke.

The four ways of “seeing, listening, asking, and feeling” were devised by Bian Que, a great Chinese doctor during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.

We can also evaluate Real Mink Eyelash Trays by looking at them, touching them, lighting them, and then selling them for the same reasons. 《How to buy Silk And Mink Eyelash Extensions?

From an environmental perspective

China has a stringent environmental protection regime as well. Our eyelash tray is recyclable and biodegradable, which is good for the environment.


It is a type of product inner packaging that is environmentally friendly, safe, breathable, and tasteless.

The eyelash tray is made of biodegradable materials. If you care about the environment, then our Wholesale Eyelashes are for you.

The quality control team has strict requirements.

Every link from raw materials to finished products is rigorously screened and tested to ensure the perfection of each eyelash tray.

3d mink eyelashes
3d mink eyelashes

Perfect after-sales service system.

Under the guarantee of after-sales service, customers are more assured to buy our products.

How To Wear The Eyelashes?

Step 1: Size the Fake Eyelashes, Before Gluing the Lashes on. You will Need to Make Sure They are Not Too Wide for Your Eye.

Hold the Lash Strips Up Against Your Eyelid, and Trim Them Down on the Sides If Necessary.


Step 2: Squeeze a Thin Line of Eyelash Glue Onto the Back of Your Non-Dominant Hand. Now, Gently Run the Outer Seam of the Eyelash Strip Along with It.

Allow the Glue to Dry for a Moment Before Applying It to Your Best Lashes.

mink eyelashes wholesaler
mink eyelashes wholesaler

Step 3: Place the Strip on Your Eyelid, Positioning It as Close as Possible to Your Natural Lashes.

Bring the Strip Down From Above, Not From the Front. This is to ensure that You Get as Close as Possible to Your Lash line.

lashes supplliers
lashes suppliers

Step 4: Allow the Glue to Dry Naturally. Once the Strip is in Place, You Do Not Need to Press or Hold it.

Step 5: Apply Mascara to Your Lashes, This will Help Blend Your Natural Lashes with the False Ones, Achieving a More Natural Look. You Can Use Black, Brown, or Dark Gray Mascara.

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