Who are the free lash vendors?

The lashes Business is more and more popular in the USA according to Grandview Research, the global false eyelashes market size was valued at USD 1.1 billion in 2018, registering a 5.4% CAGR over the forecast period. So if you want to start your lashes business, you should find your Lash Vendors first.  

Lydia Lashes, the most professional Vendors for Lashes, supply the Best Luxury Lashes to the market, we are the Vendor of Lilly Lashes,

helped thousands of girls started their lashes business and succeed in this industry. 

All the luxury mink lashes are designed by our own designer, unique in the market, soft, comfortable and vivid.  

If you want to make Cheap Lashes in Bulk, you can’t miss mink lashes vendor Lydia Lashes, we will give the cheapest wholesale price to you.  

You can easily sell our luxury lashes out, and get your money back, at the same time, you will get more and more customers from the business line. 

Besides, we supply the best customer service and policy to help you solve all the issues you met in the business line. 

Mink lashes vendors Emma Lashes
Mink lashes vendors Lydia Lashes

Why do more and more people choose mink lash vendors? 

We publish the Real Mink Lashes in the year 2015, and most of the lashes are synthetic lashes in the market, they are cheap, and when our customers met the real luxury mink lashes, they love them very much. 

They are soft vivid and gorgeous, all the mink fur from the tail of the young mink fur, which is strong, soft, and sharpen. 

They are the real luxury lashes in the market, girls love them very much, they can show the personality of the woman.

Although they are a little bit expensive than synthetic lashes, they can reuse, up to 25+ wears, so they are cheaper than synthetic lashes in this way. 

There are too many styles in the market you can choose, such as natural mink lashes, dramatic lashes, and long dramatic lashes,

so girls love to try different styles to show different appearances. 

Vendors for Lashes
Vendors for Lashes

Why should I choose the best wholesale lash vendors? 

First, they produce the best luxury lashes for you. 

And you can easily sell them out, otherwise, you will lose your money and customers at last. 

Second, ensure the production. 

If you want to build your lashes brand, you will produce your lashes packaging, and a good wholesale lash vendor can design for you for free,

and produce your custom lashes packaging in time. 

Third, ensure the safety of your goods. 

Some lash vendors use bad shipping ways to you, and when you receive your goods. They are broken by the shipping company.  
what the worse, your Lash Vendors said it is nothing to do with her. 

What should you do if you met these issues? 

So you should find a good lash vendor such as Lydia Lashes, we will help you solve all the issues you met from the whole business,

all you issues we will help you solve. 

Free lash vendor list to you. 

No matter you are new to the lashes industry or you want to change your lashes vendor to get a good quality vendor to get a cheaper price,

we supply you free Identified Lashes Vendor List. 
They are all top lash vendors who can supply Free Lashes samples to you to help you test the quality of the lashes,

wish you can find your own lashes vendors and get high-quality lashes. 

If you want to get the free lash vendor list, you can add WhatsApp, we will share the top-grade Lashes Factory with you. 

How to test your lash wholesale vendors? 

If you find some lash wholesale vendors, and you should test them first. And now we will share some tips on how to test your lash wholesale vendors. 

First, test the website. 

A professional lash wholesale vendor must have a website, you can get more information from the website. 

Second, check the SNS. 

Most wholesale lash vendors have SNS, and you can check their YouTube, Ins, Facebook, Tiktok, and so on. 

If they have a lot of wonderful posts, then they may be the professional lash vendor. And if they do not have any posts about lashes and lashes packaging,

even if they don’t have an SNS account, you must change them, and choose a new one. 

Third, make a sample order. 

You’d better make a sample order before the bulk orders. And check the quality first because there is little difference between the real lashes and photos. 

And some lash vendor sends the good quality sample to you and when you make bulk orders. They will send bad lashes to you.

 So, a good lash wholesale vendor is very important to your lashes business. 

cruelty free mink lashes vendor
cruelty-free mink lashes vendor

Where to find my 25mm lash vendors? 

Most of the lashes vendor is 25MM Lash Vendors, and if you want to buy 25MM Lashes. You can ask for your lash vendor to send 25MM Lashes Catalog to you,

and you can choose any style 25mm mink lashes from the catalogue, and ask the MOQ. 

Some lash vendors supply cheap wholesale prices, but they do have a High MOQ limit, if you are new in the business, you can buy Lashes IN BULK. 

So you should find 25MM Lash Vendors who have no MOQ limit such as  Lydia Lashes. 

Besides, 25MM Mink Lashes is the most popular style in the market, and they belong to the Long Dramatic Lashes, girls love them very much,

we do suggest you buy Wholesale 25MM Lashes, you will succeed if you are in the US. 

Do you need Lash box vendors? 

As we said before, if you want to build your lashes brand, you should do a custom lash box, and if you have no idea about How to build your lashes brand, you can click and read the professional knowledge we post before. 

Lydia Lashes, one of the professional lash box vendors. We can design free for you if you do custom lash packaging from our Lash Box Factory,

we will help you design free professional, and amazing lashes packaging. 

If you just have your idea and don’t have a lash logo, our designer can help you design a free one to help you start your lashes business line

Who are lash vendors in the USA? 

There are two identified Lash Vendors In The USA, one is Lydia Lashes, and another one is Sisley Lashes, Sisley lashes is the most professional Lash Vendor in The USA 

You can make a free luxury lashes order from Sisley Lashes and then make a bulk order. 

They do know the local market and supply the best luxury lashes to the USA. All the luxury mink lashes are designed for the local lady according to the shape of eye and face. 

So, most girls from The USA would love the purchase luxury lashes from Sisley Lashes. You will love them if you won’t find good lash vendors. 

They supply cheap lashes factory wholesale price to you, you should tell them your budget first, and they will calculate for you immediately. 

mink false eyelashes suppliers
mink false eyelashes suppliers

Are you mink lash vendors with packaging? 

Yes, we can both make lashes for you and lashes packaging for you. If you order lashes and packaging together, we will give you a discount. 

Besides, we can put your lashes and style name on the boxes for you. It will save shipping costs for you. 

So, make sure to choose a mink lashes vendor who can do lashes packaging for you together. That will save time and energy for you. 

magnetic lashes
magnetic lashes

All you need to do is just share your ideas about the lashes packaging. And our designer will design free for you and

will update the sketch to you to check the effect of your lashes packaging. 

We can only produce the lash packaging for you after your permission. It will send photos to you before the shipment,

so do not worry about the quality and effect. We the best mink lash vendors with a packaging factory, supply the best service, for you. And we know this is very important to your lashes business. 

We are magnetic lash vendors too. 

Lydia Lashes, professional 3D Mink Lashes Vendor, supply magnetic Lashes to Lilly Lashes, if you want to order the best Magnetic Lashes, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp, we will send our magnetic lashes catalog and Lilly Lashes Magnetic lashes catalogue to you.  

You can also make a free magnetic lashes order first, and all the magnetic strip lashes contain 12 magnets,

make sure they are very safe and can’t be easily blown down by the wind. 

We supply three free luxury Magnetic lashes to you to test the quality, and if you love them, you can make the bulk lashes in the next order. 

If you do believe us, we are the expert of the Lashes Industry, you will be successful easily. We do know which style is the best seller according to the sales data from the real market.  

Lydia Lashes will be your professional Magnetic Lash Vendors 

wholesale magnetic lashes usa
wholesale magnetic lashes the USA

Anything about the Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors and 25MM Mink Lash Vendors, please feel free to contact Lydia Lashes on WhatsApp, we will help you solve all the issues you met. 

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