Who makes faux mink strip lashes wholesale?

I think that’s the question every eyelash boss wants to know. So today let’s talk about who makes faux mink strip lashes wholesale? Asking a few professional questions will help you find the best eyelash supplier. Before that, we’d better review Do You Understand Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale

In order to find the best eyelash supplier, you need to investigate from the following aspects.

Are the company’s faux mink strip lashes wholesale of high quality?

We also strictly pay attention to the selection of raw materials. In that process, we completely choose the hair tip of minks’ fur which is sharp, soft, and fluffy.

It is also illegal to kill wild animals in China. From the point of view of ecological civilization and harmonious development with nature, we do not hunt any wild animals for their hair. So we guarantee that all the Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale we produce and sell are cruelty-free.

All of our eyelashes are cruelty-free. Workers carefully pick out the lost fur of baby minks in the spring and fall because the hair in that time is firmer, longer, lighter and shiny.

When selecting hair, workers only pick the mink in the minks’ tail , which is often better than the rest of the body.

What is the technology used by the eyelash vendor?

After comparison, you can know that other companies use the glue technology to create the 3D effect. The 3D effect of our faux mink strip lashes wholesale is achieved by temperature control.

Chemical changes are often unhealthful. As the physical change, temperature control can create a satisfying effect.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM12
5D Mink Lashes 5DM12

What is the design capability of your chosen eyelash supplier?

Our designer has been devoting to studying the fluctuations in the market, only in this way can we update our faux mink strip lashes wholesale and make constant innovation, which makes it easier for people to accept our products.

Our designers get all kinds of inspiration from the flowers in nature. Hence they create a variety of styles of eyelash.

How is the service of the eyelash vendor you chose?

Our professional production team has a clear division of labor. We have a technical photographer. It takes about 30min-60min to repair a professional picture. The production, transportation and receipt of products can be handed over to our after-sales team.

 If there is any problem with the damaged goods, the customer only needs to send pictures and videos to us, and we will send the faux mink strip lashes wholesale to you in the next order.

USD lashes cases with handle
USD lashes cases with handle

Why choose us as your faux mink strip lashes wholesale vendor?

Our company relies on independent research and development, which is all-around company integrated with design and production. It deserves to be the most professional ODM and OEM Mink Eyelashes Suppliers.

However, if you still want to buy something in other shops or stores, I recommend that you can look through Sephora lashes or Lydia Lashes. Because these two Mink Eyelash Vendors are also very reliable.

China is the birthplace of Faux Mink Lashes and the largest production base. However, what you may not know is that the Best Lash Wholesalers in China are located in Qingdao.

We are very trustworthy, because after unceasing efforts for many years, it has a firm and unshakable footing in the market. The following reasons can be used as your reference to advise you to choose us.

Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale vendor can offer you with the world’s best quality,

 the latest style and the most cost-effective eyelash and other lashes products.

②We have advanced and top technology and workmanship.

We’d assure to every customer that our manufacturing process is world leading for best eyelashes.

marble lashes drawer packaging
marble lashes drawer packaging

③As a professional vendor, we always choose the raw materials with best quality.

Pay attention to the selection of raw materials Strictly. In this process, we only retain the hair tip of minks’ fur.

④All the 3D Mink Lashes are designed by our own designer.

 Our designers always have particular design style and unique design ideas. Their abundant qualifications and design experience can be relied upon.

⑤All of our eyelashes are cruelty-free, which is a basic requirement. Chinese people always pay much attention to the protection of wild animals.

⑥Every customer deserves the most professional and comprehensive service.

 As the saying goes “the customer is god”, we have always applied it in practice as the highest standard of service.

⑦Help someone who has a dream to start his or her lashes business:

Dream or have, in case it comes true. If you want to start your Eyelash Business, then choose us! Because we will provide you with the most complete set of help in order to the smooth eyelash business. Every girl and even mother can use their leisure time to start a business, and eyelash business is a nice choice.

Big lashes packagings
Big lashes packagings

⑧Receive free eyelash samples:

We would provide free eyelash samples for every customer, please contact us for details. If you are still hesitating, you are wrong. Each customer can get 3 pairs of free lashes samples to assure you of our products.

If you want to get a free sample of eyelashes, you can ask for help by adding whatsapp. We are looking forward to your consultation!

⑨Design your own Eyelashes Packaging and boxes freely:

 If you buy our lashes, we are willing to design a unique eyelash box for you free of charge.

⑩The most authoritative quality control system:

There is a strict quality control in every production process.

Can I obtain some samples of Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale?

Adhering to the belief that the customer is God, we have been reassuring all customers.

Because we like to let the buyer confirm the product first, which means you can get the eyelash sample for confirmation in advance, and then decide whether to buy our product.

Each customer gets 3 pairs of Free Eyelash Samples.

This is also a great sincerity that we can give you to express our determination to sincerely cooperate with you.

Please trust us and don’t miss our products.

custom eyelash packagings26
custom eyelash packagings26

Thank you for finding us and following us,

we are the most reliable and trusted wholesale mink eyelashes in China.

We also recommend that you collect our free eyelash samples before starting your eyelash business. Eyelash Supplier, Lashes Vendors, Mink Eyelash Supplier, Wholesale Mink Eyelash, If you want to promote your eyelash business better, you can do sample packaging.

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