Where to buy 20mm Mink Lashes?

Ⅰ. What do 20mm mink lashes mean?

20mm mink lashes refer to a kind of lash whose length is 20mm from the bottom of the strip to the top. But it does not mean all the lashes on the same strip are the same length, if so, it will lose the level and the sense of beauty, which cannot fully manifest the glamour of women. 

           There are many different design styles on 20mm Mink Lashes Strips, and I believe you must find the style that fits you most.

          In addition, the pictures on the right show two different styles of 20mm mink lashes. What’s more, we have many styles for you to choose from.

          Just order our high-quality Wholesale 20mm Mink Lashes!

Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ118
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ111

Ⅱ. What does 20mm lashes cost?

           The price of 20mm mink lashes is much cheaper than 25mm mink lashes but a little higher than natural mink lashes. 

         Generally, the wholesale price of each pair is 3 to 6 US dollars according to the quantity and style you order. Above all, 20mm mink lashes are Affordable Mink Lashes

          What’s more, our company often offers discount activities. If you place an order in bulk, you will enjoy a large coupon from us. Of course, the more orders, the cheaper lashes. You will gain a very high profit from 20mm Mink Lashes Wholesale. Don’t miss it!  

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Ⅲ. Top 5 lashes style in the year 2021

Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ151

Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ118

Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ111
lashes wholesale
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ110
mink lashes vendor
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ112
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ112
  • Why are they so popular?
  1. High Sales

            Our annual sales are higher than other lash vendors, on the other hand,  our quality is unmatched by them. That is to say, our 20mm mink eyelashes are healthy, comfortable, easy to wear as well as environmentally-friendly, at the same time, they can be reused up to 30 times.

  1. 20mm mink lashes in the USA

         As you know,20mm mink lashes are of great popularity among Americans because they can highlight the beauty and charm of women.

  1. Dramatic Style

         Besides,20mm mink lashes are dramatic style, between natural style and long dramatic style. It’s neither very ostentatious nor very natural.

Ⅳ. What occasion does it apply to?

designer team

mink lashes for workplace

          As we all know, the mink eyelashes of 13-18mm are suitable for women in the workplace to look more natural. However, the mink eyelashes of 25mm are suitable for parties and weddings, making you look more attractive and easily becoming the focus of the entire audience.

        20mm mink eyelashes are suitable for all kinds of occasions,  so you don’t need to worry about that, in other words, you can wear 20mm mink lashes in any case!  

mink lashes for stage
mink lashes for stage
mink lashes for wedding
mink lashes for wedding

Ⅴ. 20mm mink lash model show

Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ151
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ111
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ118

Ⅵ. What is the MOQ of 20mm mink eyelash?

            As we all know, many eyelash vendors set a minimum order quantity limit, generally 50 pairs, but we are different. We have no restrictions because we respect the wishes of every customer and we will ship as many as you want to order. 

Ⅶ. How long will it take you to receive 20mm mink eyelashes?

     It is well known that it takes almost 20mm Mink Lashes Vendors from China 5 to 7 days to ship. However, we are shipping them in 24 hours to give you the fastest experience.

Why are we so efficient?

  1. Confident

        We are confident in 20mm mink lashes produced, and we have a large stock, so we will ship the goods immediately.

  1. Professional

       We not only have a professional team but also each department has a clear division of labor and clear positions.

Ⅷ. How to order 20mm mink lash sample?

 1: Choose the style you like.

 2: Contact us and tell us the quantity of each style.

 3: Pay for the sample order and notify us after payment to avoid any delay in delivery.

 4: Leave the receiving address including the contact person and TEL numbers.

 5: packing department will recheck the quality and quantity, and ship out using the express company we confirmed.

 6: You can check logistics information via the tracking order. Pay attention to the movement of goods in time and never make the express company put the goods outside to avoid missing.

Ⅸ. Which shipment do you prefer?

        There are many choices. You can choose the appropriate way of delivery according to your needs and you will receive 20mm mink lashes between 2 to 4 days.





Ⅹ. How to pay for 20mm mink eyelash?

 You can pay by the following means:


Western Union


Ⅺ. Why choose us?

  1. All products are high-quality.

          Any poor-quality eyelashes are not allowed to appear in our company. We have high aspirations and produce high-quality eyelashes with a soft texture, novel style, and high comfort. At the same time, we pay great attention to quality which is the basis to judge a qualified vendor.

  1. healthy.

          No chemical reagents are contained in the eyelashes we produced. If you use unhealthy eyelashes and do not clean them up completely, chemical reagents will remain on your eyelids. Your eyes, the window of the mind, and the surrounding skins must be damaged more or less. Choose us and you will not have such worries.

  1. services are professional.

          We have a professional team with perfect function and clear division of work. Every department — IT, brand, product, business, after-sales service, QC department, and back-office — constantly improves the capacity to serve the clients and customers to make sure everything is done to the best.

  1. goals are diversified.

         We put the service in the first place, instead of sales performance. Our eyelashes can be provided to almost everyone and businesses — students, housewives, supermarkets, esthetic salons, eyelash wholesalers, and companies. 

        What’s more, we can help you achieve the dream of wealth and the value of life if you want to a start up business. For further details, please feel free to contact us for free samples. Seize the opportunity! 

         Believe us, we will be the reliable partner for you!

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